A week ago we were approached by one of the mates asking if he could come in sometime and run his own trams on the track. We know his face and we know what he looks like, but afterwards we realised we don’t know who he was or have a contact number to arrange anything. It’s made us realise we ought to make the rest of our mates aware of what we are up to and how they can contact us. Either to join us or just bring their own trains in sometime.
We did have the “Seafront layout” with the Grand Hotel and the Olympia buildings put away for a couple of weeks while we built our flat bench/working area. That’s now finished and earlier today we reassembled the seafront baseboards and got the tracks powered up and running trams. We won’t reinstate the scenery and buildings for a few weeks, – but the track can be available to run some short trams or locomotives. This layout will only run trams, 0-4-0’s, perhaps 0-6-0’s and perhaps BO-BO diesels. That’s because it’s basically a tram layout and the return curves at the ends are a very tight radius. They won’t take anything like a Flying Scotsman pacific or an Evening Star 2-10-0 for instance. Big loco’s will derail at the ends.
There is no reason in principle that it can’t run when none of the train group is there. We would like to know of course, but by speaking to us when we are in on Tuesday mornings or contacting us using the details at the bottom this email will allow us to explain what you need to know. Like where the mains plugs in and where the controller is.
We will be able to run bigger locos later, but probably not till well into the new year. The “cunning plan” so far is to make four baseboard modules which will fit together and then the OO sized track and scenery will be built on those. We are planning a double loop and the curves at each end will take any OO train or locomotive. The group wants this new layout to be attractive to the younger generation. Lots of movement and things happening. Novelties etc. One of the group has suggested a circus car with a giraffe sticking out the roof and another has suggested that one of the trams that has a cow catcher could have a real cow sat on it.
We also plan to have a shuttle going backwards and forwards on a shelf above the main layout. This is likely to be on a larger scale. Either “O” or “G” gauge, (Perhaps both?), rather than OO.
That’s as far as we can see into the longer term future at the moment.
Short term – like Tuesday next week, – the seafront layout will be in bits for an hour or so while a bit of plane-ing of two of the seafront modules goes on to improve the fit. The fit has to be highly accurate else the rails don’t line up and the trains derail. And coming for the new layout, there will be some OO scale track to “weather”. That means painting it to make it look old and decrepit. (Like a lot of the group!) Also ongoing but not so much at mates itself will be building the four new base modules. These are each about 42” x 34” and about 3” high. One thing holding us up is poor supplies of wood sized around 3” x ½” for the edges. We need about 16 yards worth and that’s not counting any waste due to cutting. There seems to be a national shortage of wood at the moment. But it won’t hold us up for more than a week or so.
If any mates want to come meet up with us we are generally about on Tuesday mornings.