There are other buildings besides the Grand Hotel on the layout. The next largest is the Olympia. This was made by Malcolm Maloney. The Olympia was built in 1895 and opened as a fishing museum. In the 20th century it was at different times amusements, a dancehall, a skating rink and an exhibition centre before being burnt down in a fire in 1975.

There are three smaller buildings between it and the Grand Hotel. All three were built by Alan Woodford and are of paper and card. At the left is the Central Tramways lower station. The next building is the “Rocket Building” It held a four wheel hand cart carrying rocket life-saving gear. The remaining building was probably associated with the rockets as well, but we don’t know for sure. The Rocket building was demolished when developing the present Olympia after the 1975 fire.

Alan also built the toilet block just to the right of the Olympia just before the St Nicholas Gardens. That remains today but it’s entrance has had considerable alteration since depicted in 1910.

The final building to mention was the smallest but probably the oldest of this group. It was the Gazebo in the St Nicholas gardens. It was built by the Woodhall family when they owned the gardens. It supported family picnics in the gardens. It had cooking facilities hence the Chimney, – although at first sight that looks like a bird table. It had very fancy stained glass windows in the sides. When the gardens became public it became a rain shelter. It survived until the 1990’s. Then it was demolished as it had become a site for anti-social drinking.