Hi Everyone!I

Just wanted to let everyone know about two of the regular sessions that are starting at Mates from next week(Monday 14th Feb).Every Monday afternoon from 1.30 to 3.30 we are having an informal Cards and Board Games session. Come along and enjoy a quiet couple of hours playing chess, Scrabble, draughts (or is it drafts?!), or card games – no gambling, of course!😊If anyone has spare chess sets, draughts pieces or dominoes, or chessboard we would be very happy to give them a good home at Mates!
Then on Fridays we have an Art session in the morning from 10.30 to 12.30. Bring your own paints paper and brushes if you have them although we do have a small supply of various materials people can use. Des McCauley, our resident artist will be at the session in case you get stuck or run out of inspiration! And don’t feel you have to be a fantastic artist to come along – it’s meant to be fun!!
Also, on Tuesday 22nd Feb we have a one-off session planned with Joy Burgess who is going to demonstrate mosaic making for anyone who is interested in finding out more about this craft – come along and have a look!We are in the process of setting up other sessions (woodturning, introduction to woodworking, introduction to metalworking and ceramics sessions) and you will get an email about these in due course!So come down and see what’s going on at Mates!Hope to see you soon.

Judy Woodroffe, on behalf of the Trustees