Last week, we reassembled the baseboards for the Seafront tram layout. This week we got the back boards fitted. This was after a bit of a struggle as one of the backboards needed shortening. The St Nicholas gardens is showing a bit of “heave” and it will be necessary to fit a screw that comes up from underneath to pull the gardens into line with the rest of the road. The model of the gardens is a wooden frame covered with plaster bandages and painted as grass and paths. The “heave” occurred at the wet plaster stage, the damp warped the garden’s base. I enclose four photos, – the 1st showing the seafront layout from Central Tramways Cliff lift to St Nicholas gardens with the Town Hall on the backboard, (Photo taken some time ago before the gardens were fully planted and people were allowed in.) Then there is one of the garden steps under construction, (wood and card used); One close up of the steps now finished that was taken earlier today, and another taken further back of the whole gardens. Most of the group were involved building some part of the gardens, but it was Sue Petyt that did a lot with the trees and people. Looks Great! Next time I may tell you something about the buildings?
And before I finish with the gardens, – we did get hit by Storm Arwen this week. It blew down a tree in the gardens. We will need the uhu next Tuesday for tree surgery.
As well as fixing the tree next Tuesday 1000 – 1200, we will reinstate all the buildings on the layout ready for the BBC coming two days later on the Thursday. Elaine will be presenting this magnificent layout to the world.